Pillars of the expo

What is our mission? Where is our focus for dive-expo?

Education, experience and gear

A recreational diver who wants to become a better diver through training, finning techniques, adjustment of equipment; an experienced diver who wants to take it to the next step… or a tekkie who wants to see and hear the latest news in the community: Dive-expo wants to be there for every single one of them!

Wreckdiving, cavediving and minediving

Off course we take care of this large group of adventurous divers on Dive-Expo!
They will be able to see and feel the equipment, having it all under one roof!
In the meeting center, we will have a wide range of National and International topspeakers of the industry giving inspiring presentations!


With the larger availability and improving quality of (also affordable) camera’s, we notice a large expansion of photographers and film makers.
We want to bring the equipment to the stands, and bring the know-how from the experts to the talks and workshops!
We will also have a Dive-Expo photo and video contest, and award the winners on the show, and present their work. here

Medical, Physiology and Riskmanagement

Hypoxia, DCS, the physiology of advanced diving..
Am i ready for the next step in my diving? What are the risks involved? How to control the risks?
Dive-Expo wants to dedicate a lot of attention to these important subjects in diving through talks, workshops and discussion forums.

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