This is a list of all speakers and there time (chronological)

Name Workfield Time
Roberta Eliodoro & Francesco Tedesco (IT) Diving in Calabria (IT) - From REC to TEC 10:00am-10:45am
Thorsten Wälde (GER) Cave Diving 11:00am-11:45am
Pascal Van Erp (NL) Ghost Diving 12:00pm-12:45pm
Steve Burke (UK) Wreck diver 1:00pm-1:45pm
Erik Wouters (BE) Mine Diving 2:00pm-2:45pm
Geert Nies (BE) Underwater Photography 3:00pm-3:45pm
Seppe Machiels (BE) Military Diving 4:00pm-4:45pm
Inge Verbruggen (BE) Freediving 5:00pm-5:45pm
Richie Kohler (USA) Wreck Diving 6:00pm-6:45pm
Steven Surina (FR) Shark Diving 7:00pm-7:45pm
Audrey Cudel (MALTA) Sidemount Diving 8:00pm-8:45pm

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